Erdo Services – Residential Zone


Erdo Services – Residential Zone

Erdo = intermediary, broker, real estate broker, agent, realtor, facilitator, and many more cool stuff.

To buyers:
A) we offer a huge data bank.
B) to find the matching object in this bank (or jungle).
C) trade, negotiations of the real price.
D) registering all of the required documents for the transaction.
E) Arranging to empty the house in a timely manner.
F) shouts: “Use in Peace!” and salvo of champagne in salute.

To sellers:
A) formation of the real selling price.
B) preventing from clients coming on excursion.
C) support in trade.
D) help in the formulation of terms of payment, terms of installment or emptying.
E) offering of alternative space if required (for example, sells a 3-rooms apartment in Vake and wants 2-rooms in Saburtalo, or vice versa).
F) communication with attractive, friendly, smiling, flexible, equipped with small gifts, or sweets real estate brokers.

To lessors:
A) finding of various genial, the most honest representatives of the embassies.
B) advise on how to renovate, or what to add to an apartment for a better rent out.
C) help, that if a cherished tenant said good-bye ahead of time, he/she will supply with the best of the best clients.
D) exchange of any currency to any other currency and providing with fresh currency notes in the envelopes.

To hirers:
A) to whom to find secure, super-renovated, VIP areas and to whom – to find out ordinary, worldly, elementary dwelling.
B) to speak the genial British language.
C) visit cards or booklets .
D) to glide to the desired objects in the jeep or sedan.
E) sophisticated contracts.
F) in our rebuilt precious office, with red armchairs, personal interview with our Boss, superior smile and handshakes.


Our Agents

Zaza Mezvrishvili

(+995) 599 00 57 75

Tamar Khotivari

(+995) 551 74 71 17

Marika Gokieli

(+995) 599 24 28 31

Lasha Maisuradze

(+995) 599 43 77 97